Why hello there!!

It’s been a while, my last post was in December 2008!! So many things have happened since then, so many adventures and life changing events!

So let’s do a quick recap of what’s happened since December 2008:

- We travelled a bit and went to the US (NYC & buffalo), Canada (Niagra falls), Philippines (Boracay & Manila) and hong kong
- we got married w00h000!
- we now have a gorgeous baby boy who arrived a little premature but is growing up splendidly! (we named him after both mine & pob’s dads Eliseo Thomas - Eli for short)
- we did a whole bunch of renovations around the house (and doesn’t seem to end)

All caught up now?

Last week I started working on the mural for Eli’s room, I was originally planning to do this during the month in-between finishing work and the birth but Eli had other plans. So 7 months later I thought I should really get it done now or he might be off to uni before I finished it. Since i can only really work on the mural while the little man is asleep, it is taking alot longer then originally planned. I’ve been asked to post photos of the mural so far, and I’ve been wanting to go back to blogging for ages now (damn fb for being addictive and making it easier to share photos etc then to blog) so I thought I’d make the effort and hit two birds with one stone :)


Outline of the 3 owls
The mural so far - outline drawing of a family of owls
Since our surname translates from Dutch to English as “Owl”, the three owls represents our now family of 3 :)

outline drawing of the funky monkey
The mural so far - outline drawing of the funky monkey
The first item we bought for the baby was the funky monkey book so throughout the pregnancy we called the bub “funky monkey”. It seemed right to add him to the mural :)

The alphabet tree
The mural so far - alphabet tree

The alphabet tree with vowels
The mural so far - vowels
we decided to make the alphabet tree a little more interesting by painting the vowels in red :)

The funky monkey
The mural so far - funky monkey
the funky monkey halfway in colour :)
doesnt the fan look realistic?? hahah it was late when i took this photo and i couldn’t be bothered removing the fan :)