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Bay Windows
31 December 2004

I wrote this lil spiel about bay windows a while ago, i cant remember the date exactly. I was going through my journal (ok its more like bits of scrap paper containing my thoughts, compiled to make it seem like i actually wrote a true journal). Well it started of as one thing and ended with my writing about a part of my childhood. Here's a snippet of the bay window part. I know, I'm weird lol.

Oh this is also my entry for Illustraion Friday's "Magic" Challenge

We used to live in this 2 storey, 3 bedroom house when I was little. For most of my younger years I had to share a bedroom with my older sister. Our nanny's room was the smallest bedroom in the house. I think the term for it was "box room". I loved that room!!! When our Nanny moved out, my mum let me have the box room as my room, of course on the condition that I keep it clean (sif!).

You know how you remember little things from your childhood, little snippets, I remember this room vividly. It was tiny!!, just big enough for a single bed (against the wall) and a small wardrobe. I remember covering the walls with a million and one posters. The best thing about this room was its window. It had the perfect size bay window with a ledge just big enough for me to sit on. I'm a hopeless romantic. I think that kind of goes hand in hand with my bay window facination. You can see out to the street from that bay window. I used to sit on that window with my notepad and pen or my sketchpad and pencils. I used to dream of writing my stories or thoughts or draw the perfect picture. The paes would more often than not stay blank as i would just sit there day dreaming.

If I close my eyes I can just picture myself sitting on that ledge with my back on one side, feet on the ledge and legs bent. Its the perfect setting for daydreaming! For me it was magical!

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