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16 January 2005

Its 2005 and time for those new year resolutions to kick in!! Trying to balance them all and actually keep them however, is another thing hahha. I didn't really make any at the start of the year, i sort of just thought about it as i was drawing this entry. But here goes (and in no particular order):

1. Get Healthy. Last year wasn't soo good for the 'ol body, so I've made a pact with myself to change that and get healthy. Do the whole 9 yards. Loose weight, eat healthy, exercise, feed the mind & cultivate it.
2. No more doctors!! Not that I'll refuse to go to the doctor or try and miss appointments, but i sat in that waiting room and saw the doctors way too many times last year. I've accepted what they've told me and I'm learning to live with it. I guess this resolution goes hand in hand with the get healthy pact above. A healthier mind and body would make for less trips to the good 'ol doctor! :)
3. Yoga & meditation. Part again of the get healthy pact. I need to do this, more so the meditation. Healthy mind, healthy soul, healthy mai. :)
4. Write more, draw more, paint more, photograph more. I love a blank canvas, I love blank crisp pieces of paper. I love the way my heart beats a little faster when the first splash of paint. The anticipation of what could be. I love the way words starts to evolve into sentences and paragraphs and at times, end up being a good read. I love being able to capture moments like these and be able to look back and smile. How could anyone go wrong with a resolution such as this!!!
5.Learn a programming language. For some reason i have perl on my mind!
6. Fabric Printing. We've been planning to get MadCrew up and running for years now, its about time we get it in gear. To start it off, a friend and i are going on a fabric printing class this feb!!!
7. Wedding plans. Start Planning the wedding, tho its still over a year away, planning now "may" make it a stress free one!
8. Be friendly to thy savings account! haha
9. Road Trips! We've been talking about taking lil road trips for ages, this year is a good time as any :)
10. Keep thy resolutions!!!!!!

This is our entry for Illustration Friday's "Balance" Challenge

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