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Almost famous
07 February 2006

Its been a while since we've updated this. We have been playing with different layouts since before Christmas and afterall that we've decided to just go with this, something nice and simple, something with some space to write if i wanted. =D

I missed the writing.

Anyway.... back to Almost Famous. We went to Sydney last weekend to see the Pissarro Exhibit at the NSW Art Gallery (you HAVE to go see it if you havent done so already!) After the Gallery we decided to see what was new in the city and came across a different way to express art, 4 lads with thier guitars and drumkit making beautiful waves. I wanted to take some photos at a better angle but they had like big crowd watching them I thought hey maybe if i donated some cash then my taking some "in their faces" photos wont seem so bad. So I walked towards towards the middle of the crowd, dropped some cash in their guitar case and instead of stopping there to take photos I felt everybody's eyes on me and my instant shyness stepped in!. I started walking away and my camera although it was on at the time, it was just hanging off my shoulder but i couldnt resist! I snapped a couple of shots by just pressing the button and hoping that the camera pointing to the band and in focus!.

Can you just picture me?!?! hahahah lame I know! I had one of those cheeky and I'm proud of my sillness smile on my face the whole time. I tried to be sneaky and yet I was soo bloody obvious hahaha. The pics turned out ok tho tee hee

Pitt Street is brilliant place to find all sorts of talents. One of the guys we walked past was painting. He had 3 huge canvas taped to the ground and he half way through the 3rd part of that series as we walked by. Another guy was dressed as a donkey, A DONKEY hehe! kids loved him tho (or maybe he was a she? oops)

This was the talent we witnessed when we were at Pitt Street late last year.

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