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The one that got away
11 March 2006

A father was walking up to his son with a red balloon in his hand. The son was probably 3 or 4 years old. He saw his father, he saw the balloon and his face lit up!. His smile was precious and genuine. He was happy.

The Father then gave him the balloon. The son accepted the ballon and wrapped his tiny little fingers around the string. He seemed so pleased at this little surprise that with his other hand he hugged the actual balloon. That wasnt enough, the son had to hug the ballon with both hands but he knew the balloon was fragile, so he hugged it gently.

When the hugging was enough the sone let his arms and hands stop cradling the balloon. And then there was a quick flash of startlement on the son's face and then a few seconds of confusion. And then once again his face lit up, his eyes were dancing, his smile was precious and genuine. He was again happy.

You see the son didnt have the string tied around his wrist, when he stopped hugging the balloon he had let it go. The balloon was slowly rising towards the heavens. The son could have cried, he could have alerted his father quick enough to catch the balloon. But the son was content to have had those few minutes of pure joy, he had set his little friend free, maybe unintentionally at first, but he was happy to receive and was happy to let go and set free.

In that span of probably 5 minutes, so many emotions went through the son's face. I wish i had captured those too.

This is our entry for Photo Friday's Red challenge

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